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Stakeholders may include employees, clients, suppliers, investors, local communities, government agencies, NGOs and others. It is extremely important for an organization to know how to identify and effectively communicate with their stakeholders because successful stakeholder engagement enhances brand value and reduces operational risks. SynTao provides professional solutions for organizations on effective stakeholder engagement and communication.
Stakeholder engagement strategy: helping clients to indentify key stakeholders and developing customized engagement strategy according to their development stages.

Our services include:

  • Regular stakeholder communication: optimizing communication tools and methods to achieve the most effective communication with key stakeholders.
  • Employee training: providing targeted training to employees and helping them understand the knowledge and skills about stakeholder engagement and communication.
  • Trend tracking and media monitoring: making use of SynTao’s system to build an internal CSR information sharing platform.
  • Issue-specific study: helping different industries and organizations of different sizes to identify key CSR issues;
  • International and national CSR influence extension: helping organizations join international & national CSR organizations and developing case studies of the organization. 


Key Stakeholder Engagement for a Japanese Company
Key Stakeholder Engagement for a State-owned Corp.
Our client is a very large state-owned enterprise with subsidiaries throughout the country. It has been actively involved with sustainability issues for the past few years. The biggest challenge for it is how to effectively engage with different stakeholders in order to reach consensus among its subsidiaries and employees, communicate with key stakeholders, and enlarge its influence in CSR community both at home and abroad.


Top 10 CSR Trends for 2015 in China
CSR Guide for MNCs in China
Although MNCs brought the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to China, studies show under-performance, both in comparison to their practice in developed countries and with respect to rising Chinese expectations.The primary purpose of this guide is to help CSR practitioners and business leaders to make that transition to society oriented CSR.

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